Docker search 命令

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docker search : 从Docker Hub查找镜像


docker search [OPTIONS] TERM


  • --automated :只列出 automated build类型的镜像;

  • --no-trunc :显示完整的镜像描述;

  • -s :列出收藏数不小于指定值的镜像。


从Docker Hub查找所有镜像名包含java,并且收藏数大于10的镜像

runoob@runoob:~$ docker search -s 10 java
NAME                  DESCRIPTION                           STARS   OFFICIAL   AUTOMATED
java                  Java is a concurrent, class-based...   1037    [OK]       
anapsix/alpine-java   Oracle Java 8 (and 7) with GLIBC ...   115                [OK]
develar/java                                                 46                 [OK]
isuper/java-oracle    This repository contains all java...   38                 [OK]
lwieske/java-8        Oracle Java 8 Container - Full + ...   27                 [OK]
nimmis/java-centos    This is docker images of CentOS 7...   13                 [OK]

 Docker 命令大全Docker 命令大全